About Belly Dance by MelindaWhen I was growing up in the Midwest, my mom was taking evening belly dance lessons from my ballet instructor. At that time, two of my favorite activities were playing dress-up in my mom's coin costume, and mimicking the belly dance students in the back of the classroom when I got to accompany my mom to class.

Classically trained from an early age in jazz, tap, and ballet, I didn't find my niche until I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and re-discovered my love of Middle-eastern dance at age twenty-three. The result was magical. I had my first taste of solo performance only three months later in a guest appearance as Little Egypt in the Ross Valley Players' vaudeville production of The BellaMelodeon, and I was hooked!

In 2000, I had the wonderful opportunity to co-star in an extremely successful four-week run of "Secrets Unveiled- The Passion of Bellydance" at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2002, I performed at events in Las Vegas and San Diego, and was a featured soloist at the Habibi-Hawaii Festival in Honolulu in 2003. Also in 2003, I had the great fortune to study belly dance in Marrakech, Morocco, which was truly a life-changing experience. To find out where the dance will take carry me next, check out the Performances page.

I'd love to see you at one of my future shows- or dance at your own party! Check out the Performances or Booking pages for more information.